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When things seem hopeless, that’s when we really get going.

Integrating SAP solutions and getting them running smoothly can be quite tricky. But challenges drive us and motivate us to keep working at the barrier until we find a solution for our customers.

Mastering difficult circumstances: we love it.
Integrating new SAP solutions: we know it.
Non-existent solutions: we find one.

Making your daily routine easier and improving processes: that's what we do.
We are mainly concerned with helping your company with SAP systems so that you can confidently focus on your core business and thus have one less challenge to manage.

My word, my promise. Michael Moser

We are also a member of the DSAG e.V. "Data Warehouse Cloud" topic group.

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Performance Measurement

Implementation of a very complex SLA (Service Level Agreement) system in SAP BW.
This also included the successful technical design and implementation as well as the migration to SAP BW on HANA.

  • Testing organization

    SAP BW

Innovation through Layer

Creation of an initial and at the same time very complex SAP BW project with approximately 100 commercial, technical or combined key figures as well as a wide variety of source systems. The key point was the layer-oriented implementation in SAP BW.
Complete technical utilization up to key user training was carried out.

  • Cement manufacturer

    SAP BW

Single Point of Truth

A very heterogeneous and historically complex reporting landscape was reorganized. New concept based on SAP DATA Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. Proof of Concept with several complex Data Warehouse models (sales, logistics, production) and SAC as frontend successfully implemented. New methods from the PoC were then successfully implemented in production.

  • Semiconductor/Sensors

    SAP DWC + SAP Analytics Cloud


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