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SAP Datasphere:

Find the importance of your data!

With SAP Datasphere, we take the next logical step with you for your company: business-critical data is harmonized in the cloud, enabling you to make valuable business decisions ad hoc.
Integrated data management and data analytics tools are the spark for flexible and scalable work. Link, cleanse and visualize your data. Bring them into larger contexts - optimize business processes, reduce costs.
In a nutshell, getting to know data has never been so easy.
Do you know yours?

Our highlights - how we get you ahead

We go the extra mile: from design and implementation to ongoing operational support, performance checks and quality assurance.

Technical thinking

A broad IT expertise is our basis: We configure the desired SAP applications and customize them according to our customers' wishes. Of course, this includes the daily work with databases, servers and hardware of any kind.

Analytical thinking

Every project is unique: Efficient solutions therefore require the needs and the industry of the customer to be taken into account. This requires an individual and complex analysis to ultimately achieve a successful implementation.

Interconnected thinking

SAP projects and systems are highly interconnected on both the technical and the functional level. Therefore, such interconnected thinking is a basic requirement for this work.

We have successfully implemented projects for these industries:
Audit companies

Examples of implemented projects

Performance Measurement

For one of the world's largest testing organizations, we carried out the technical design and entire implementation (in SAP BW) of a very complex SLA (Service Level Agreement) system for the appraisal area. This project also included the successful migration to SAP BW on HAN

  • Testing organization

    SAP BW on HANA

Innovation through layer

At the beginning of the year 2000, we had the task of creating a plan for the implementation of a first and at the same time very complex SAP BW project, which at that time was at an impasse: The project included about 100 commercial, technical or combined key figures as well as various source systems (SAP ERP, laboratory information system, production engineering systems).
Kernpunkt unseres Konzeptes war die Anwendung einer layerorientierten Umsetzung im SAP BW, die bis dahin im SAP BW Umfeld unbekannt war. Die komplette technische Umsetzung bis hin zur Key-User-Schulung wurde von uns durchgeführt.

  • Cement manufacturer

    SAP BW

Single Point of Truth

The objective was to revamp a highly diverse and historically intricate reporting environment, encompassing SAP BW systems, various SQL databases, local EXCEL applications, and assorted front-end tools. Our innovative approach centered around leveraging SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud. Upon the official release of SAP Datasphere in January 2020, we executed the concept in a proof of concept, deploying intricate data warehouse models (sales, logistics, production) and utilizing SAC as the frontend.
Subsequently, we seamlessly integrated the insights and novel methodologies derived from the proof of concept into a productive implementation. Throughout this period, in close collaboration with SAP, we actively contributed to the ongoing development of the SAP Datasphere product, drawing upon our experiences and providing valuable suggestions.

  • Semiconductors/Sensors

    SAP Datasphere + SAP Analytics Cloud


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