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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW.
Conception of a Data Warehouse system in all life cycles is the basis for seamless migration.
All systems are analyzed and evaluated to arrive at the best possible options.
Our method consists primarily of three steps: the extraction, transformation and loading of the data into the new system.  
In order to carry out successful data warehouse development, all factors must be clarified beforehand in the design phase.
User Acceptance Test
Here, everything is focused on confirming that the migration runs smoothly and according to predefined reports and goals, everything correct and within parameters.
Support and training in the necessary expertise to handle the new system skillfully and confidently.

How to keep all data... your fingertips!

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

The crux of implementing SAP DATA Warehouse Cloud is to connect all existing databases, insert all data and get the new DATA Warehouse running smoothly in the cloud. Sound simple? There's more to it than it sounds.

For one thing, it's a balancing act to seamlessly connect the Workday app to the existing data warehouse while powering all connected applications from the new source.

Once installed, this system simplifies your day-to-day business many times over: all info available at your fingertips!
This also means lower costs, immense time savings, not to mention infinite scalability!

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Digital success in the cloud

More efficiency. Lower costs. Easier data access.

Which solution would you prefer?

Whether SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - there are many options. We will help you find the best solution for your goals (and also help you navigate through the variety of terms).

What's possible and what works?

Are you still considering a cloud service? Or have you already decided? Either way, we support you in all phases of planning and implementation.

Not just overcast, but cloudy.

Moving to the cloud is an immense step towards greater efficiency and cost savings. But it takes experts to make it happen. Experienced. Certified. Specialized.

Everything new is in the cloud.

Bridge the gap between data and business insights. What matters is how well you integrate your data and deliver it to users. We're here to help.

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