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Why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud...

...saves you a lot of time and money.

It’s the first enterprise-ready data warehouse in the cloud that unifies all your data sources into one solution while maintaining the security, trustworthiness and semantic richness of your information. Integration and interaction with SAP Analytics Cloud enables easy reporting and complex analytics.

What you can expect from us

From design and implementation to ongoing operational support, performance checking and quality assurance.

Technical thinking

Broad IT expertise is the basis for configuring SAP products independently and adapting them to our customers' needs. Accordingly, we are familiar with databases, servers and hardware.

Analytical thinking

In order to find efficient solutions, each project must be adapted to the needs and the industry of the customer. These vary and must therefore first be analyzed individually.

Networked thinking

With the high technical and functional interconnectedness of SAP projects and systems, networked thinking is a must.

We have successfully implemented projects for these industries:
Audit companies

Examples of some projects....

Just a sampling from many decades of experience

Performance Measurement

For one of the world's largest testing organizations, we carried out the technical design and implementation (in SAP BW) of a very complex SLA (Service Level Agreement) system for the area of expert opinions. Successfully completed, this project also included migration to SAP BW on HANA.

  • Testing organization

    SAP BW on HANA

Innovation through Layer

Beginning of the year 2000 we were commissioned to create a concept for an initial and at the same time very complex SAP BW project with approximately 100 commercial, technical and combined key figures as well as various source systems (SAP ERP, laboratory information system, production technology systems) that had come to an dead end.

The core of our concept was the application of a layer-oriented utilization in SAP BW, previously unheard of in the SAP BW environment at that time. We carried out the complete technical implementation up to key user training.

  • Cement manufacturer

    SAP BW

Single Point of Truth

The assignment was to reorganize a highly heterogeneous and historically complex reporting landscape (with SAP BW systems, various SQL databases, local EXCEL applications, various front-end tools). Our new concept was based on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. With the official availability in January 2020 of SAP DWC, we successfully implemented proof of concept with several complex data warehouse models (sales, logistics, production) and SAC as frontend.

These experiences and new methods from the PoC were then successfully transfered in a productive implementation. During this time, the product SAP Data Warehouse Cloud was further developed in close cooperation with SAP based on our experiences and suggestions.

  • Semiconductor/Sensors

    SAP DWC + SAP Analytics Cloud


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